Cirque du Soleil — Toruk

Hello Blonde Lovers!

Last weekend we saw the Cirque du Soleil touring show Toruk – The First Flight.  We were very touched by the story, so we decided to dedicate a post to it and share it with you.  Toruk is a contemporary circus show which conveys a theatrical story through circus skills.  It is a very beautiful and inspiring spectacle.    


We coordinated our outfits with the show’s theme.  The bright primary colors reflect the vivid scenery depicted in the story.  Alike the show, our hairstyles are inspired by James Cameron’s movie Avatar and its incredible costume design.

Toruk – The First Flight tells a story of the adventures of Ralu, Entu, and Tsyal in their search of Toruk.  Toruk is a giant predator that rules the sky of Pandora.  The trio sets off to find Toruk because they believe it would save the sacred Tree of Souls from destruction.  The beautiful projected scenery, in addition to the amazing lightning and sound effects, transform the space and make you feel part of the show.  We were amazed by the realistic representation of nature. We captured some of our favorite moments in the pictures below.






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