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Hello Blonde Lovers!

Everyone who knows me knows that my favorite thing to do is sleep. I am sure my friends are all laughing now, as they are reading this. My boyfriend and I both love to sleep in late during the weekends and always miss the morning activities. It is 2 pm on a Sunday now while I am writing this and I am still in bed. Kiril’s job required a lot of physical exercise and he is often exhausted and sleeps over 10 hours a night.

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Since I love lounging around in my bed, there is definitely a need for a good mattress! We’ve been using Tomorrow Sleep mattress for a few weeks now and we absolutely love it! We both have back problems and were struggling to find a good mattress. Our previous mattress was only a memory foam mattress and we thought it was way too soft and not supporting at all.  I love that Tomorrow Sleep mattress has a combination of a supportive coil system and a cooling memory foam layer. We ordered the medium-firm mattress.

Tomorrow Sleep mattress comes in a box and you have 100 days to try it out and return it if you are not satisfied. We are definitely keeping ours!  We also ordered the two types of pillows Tomorrow Sleep offers to try them out. We both loved the Memory Foam Pillow because it conforms to your head and neck. My neck always hurts and I can’t sleep on a regular pillow. I was previously using the iComfort pillow which is also memory foam but it is a lot firmer and not as comfortable. I also love that you can definitely feel the cooling effect on the Tomorrow Sleep Pillow.

My current bedtime routine – Pour Moi Night Cream and Serum helps my skin restore itself overnight. I recently got Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit and use it every night before going to bed. I will be sharing a review soon!

My favorite thing about Tomorrow Sleep is that they believe that a better night’s sleep is not just about the mattress but about an entire ecosystem. They also offer sheets, comforter, and drapes that I would love to try out. Yes, I would definitely recommend Tomorrow Sleep products for a better night’s sleep or if you are like me and love spending your Sundays in bed.

Socks: Happy Socks

“We believe the better you understand what you do while you sleep, the more you can improve how you feel when you step out of bed.”

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, pillow etc, we highly suggest the Tomorrow Sleep brand and we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you!!

Use code BLONDE150 to get $150 off any $500 purchase

(expires 12/31/17)


Get a good night’s sleep

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  1. A good mattress is very important for good sleep and a lot of back related problems. Nice to know you find your perfect mattress match. Got to check out this brand too as me and my husband have back problems too.
    P.S-That bunny is adorable and so are your socks! 🙂

  2. Oh! I can so relate to you. Sleeping is my favorite hobby. I love getting up late on weekends and then again sleeping after lunch. Loved your bed accessories. Thanks for sharing them. I was looking to buy a night cream.

  3. It’s a shame they’re in the US and the code is for US purchases, as I’ve just moved into a new house and am in the market for a new bed and mattress! Tomorrow Sleep mattresses sound amazing, I’d love to try one x

  4. I always blame my long sleep on how good our mattress is :)). Although I don`t have a memory foam one, a decent still does the job. Glad to hear you are happy with yours.

    Have a lovely Christmas Gabriela ! ♥

  5. A year or so ago my husband and I bought a memory foam mattress that came in a box, much like you described. Hands down, it’s the most comfortable we’ve ever owned. Plus, with the memory foam, if one of us gets up in the night, we don’t wake the other. ( ps: The little bunny is the cutest! Does he have a name?) x

  6. I do not prefer memory foam mattresses because of my back issues. It is great to see that Tomorrow Sleep Mattress have a coil system with a memory foam layer. Sounds like a great product!

  7. Does your bunny rabbit come with the mattress because it is so cute! I have a bad back as well so I would love a new mattress. I love that Tomorrow Sleep also has an 100 day trial like Joline said!

  8. We’re the same! We are not morning people at all and it’s not uncommon for us to have “brunch” at 4PM on weekends lol. Having a good mattress is so important. I like how Tomorrow Sleep has a 100 day trial period.

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