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We are so excited to introduce this new section on The Blonde Diary. We’ve been planning on starting Blonde Interviews since we created the blog but we never got around to do it. Here we will share people that inspire and motivate us. We will start with featuring some of our amazing friends.

Deni and I went to high school together and have been good friends for many years now. Our passion for art and fashion is what united us and kept us in touch through the years. When I met Deni last month in Varna, I thought she would be perfect for this piece. We spent a whole day at the beach chatting and catching up on everything that has been going on in our lives. Deni is so passionate and always follows her dreams. She always supports and inspires me and makes me believe everything is possible.

Hi Deni, tell us more about yourself and your current job?
I’m originally from Bulgaria, but based in London for the last 7 years. I wear many hats- designer, stylist, image consultant, art lover, curious traveler and hopeless romantic. At the moment, I work as a personal stylist and image consultant. My job is to advise people on their looks, help them build their own unique style and project the right image. I also do editorial styling – I work closely with fashion brands to produce look books & social media orientated photo-shoots.

What did you go to school for and how did you get into styling?
I was studying Arts & Interior Design at the University of The Arts London. After graduating, I spent a few years as part of a recognizable design consultancy working on interior design project as well as designing some fashion uniforms for premium brands. It was only when I started blogging that I realized my passion for fashion styling. Since then I have been focusing on my fashion styling & editorial work. I still occasionally do some freelance interior projects as it remains a passion of mine.

You were recently a head stylist for a big show in London. Tell us more about it.
Yes, that’s right. I was the head stylist of  the Alexander McQueen Tribute Show in London. The catwalk showcased 6 designers including a couture hat designer from Russia. I conceptually organized the show within two themes. The first theme was Shock & Awe – provocative, controversial and spectacular. The second one was Darkly Romantic- royal, feminine with hints of sadness. This show was a pure magic and a dream come true for me!

What other exciting projects have you done or you plan doing?
I find my daily job – styling ordinary people – truly exciting. It’s extremely rewarding to help someone look and ultimately feel amazing. I also meet amazing and diverse people – my clients vary from age of 12 to 67 and are all over the world. However, I do have some more special projects lining up – I will actually will be designing a collection for a fashion brand. I’m very excited about that collaboration.

We know you love art and we can definitely see the inspiration in your outfits. Tell us more about your style.
Yes, I have huge passion for art – I especially love pop art, contemporary sculptures, photography and all sorts of alternative and street art. I would describe my style as classy, elegant with provocative hints. I like to mix & match styles and do unexpected combos – one day I might dress up punk chic and another I could be feminine and girly in pink. One thing I always make sure is to have plenty of statement accessories. I like impactful styles, which surprise and make a bold statement.

We know that you travel a lot. What would you say was the best place you visited? Where else would you like to go?
The best place I have been so far is Vietnam. I also find cities in Europe such as Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Rome and Venice truly inspiring for fashion. I recently went to Paris to see Christian Dior, Couturier du rêvee fashion exhibition -a dream for any fashionista.. I would love to go to Miami in the near future – its high time to visit you Gabi

We often discuss the difference between US and English fashion. What are some of your favorite British trends and fashion designers?
In my opinion many of the British trends come from US – most of the celebrities and fashion influencers who set them are based there. At the moment I’m crazy about the Boho Trend – cowboy boots, lace, feathery embellishment, blush pink neutrals & vintage jewelry. I also love the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend – I recently styled a shoot about it. Saying that, I think British fashion has much to offer – it is provocative and rebellious with huge artistic influence. I like British brands such as TopShop, Karen Millen, Agent Provocatuer, Three Floors and Missguided . But my most favorite labels are French – Karl Lagerfeld, Zadig & Voltaire and Kooples.

What advise would you give our followers that want to become a stylist?
Fashion is psychology. The process of choosing clothes is very personal and the stylist needs to build a strong trust-relationship with the client. So you have to have a true love for fashion and follow your instincts. You also have to take your clients out of their comfort zone – this is when you get the best results.

What styling tips would you give us for Fall/Winter 2018?
This season pearls are girl’s best friend – so make sure you get a set of jewelry or at least clothing/accessory with pearl embellishments. Also what you really need this season is statement tailoring – a power suit. This trend is here to stay. Think navy – replace your black outfits with monochrome navy looks. Monochrome outfits look chic and project timeless elegance.

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  1. I am always fascinated by reading interviews of other people (from any sphere of life/society). It gives you a good insight into how people think and do things. Love this interview and Deni’s personal stylist’s job looks so interesting. Looking forward for more.

  2. Good to read the interview of Deni. From her interview many things can be learnt like client and stylist relationship and other trends like English, Vintage and Classic styles.

  3. Loved the interview of Deni about how fashion stylist work and think. Real understanding of client is very difficult and if it is done honestly then it really works wonders between stylist and client. All pictures are very beautiful and stylish.

  4. All these blondes looks amazing and so do their outfits. Good to see all those who inspires you on this long journey. Thanks for sharing it and keep up with this good work. Will be waiting for new interview session.

  5. Congratulation to her for working for Alexander McQueen. It must have been a huge opportunity to work with such a big brand. Her job sounds really exciting.

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