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Hello Blonde Lovers!

I am writing this blog post to share something really exciting with you! I hope you love it as much as I do!

I usually hate scented candles… I find some smells so strong and disturbing, and you never know how it actually smells until you burn it. I was never really into lighting candles in my house, anyways. So, I was a little disappointed when my boyfriend got me a candle as a gift… until I found out that there was a hidden sterling silver ring in it! Yes! Jewelry hidden inside a candle, have you ever heard of that?

I researched the company right away and found all these videos of people revealing their gorgeous rings. I couldn’t wait to see mine! I lit the candle and it smelled AMAZING. The hints of coconut and vanilla blended together so well, creating a smooth natural smell. I knew the ring was somewhere at the bottom, so I was faced with a dilemma – to burn the whole candle at once to see the ring or to burn a little bit each day to enjoy the smell. Not easy, huh? So my love for the smell overcame my impatience and I enjoyed the candle for a few hours every night. Until… there it was! My ring!

I immediately grabbed some tools to help me get it out. It was all wrapped up in foil and plastic, so it can stay protected. There was an appraisal code attached to it that you can put on their website to find out how much it is worth. See my reveal video below.

Now can we take a minute to enjoy my ring…

Charmed Aroma contacted me after I posted pictures on my Insta Story and offered to send me another candle to take some pictures. Of course, I said YES! They were also so nice to provide us with a promo code BLONDE10 for 10% off your whole order. And (yes, there is more) we will be doing a giveaway with the Sugar Kisses candle on our social media accounts, so stay tuned for a chance to win!

I will definitely be using our code to purchase more of their products. They also offer bath bombs and body scrubs and variety of jewelry- rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. I think the concept is amazing and super fun! And the candles are less than $30! Charmed Aroma also gives away one expensive ring every month to a lucky winner. Make sure you subscribe on their website to stay updated!

Charmed Aroma is releasing a candle in mid-April that benefits Make-A-Wish. The corresponding campaign will get people talking about their own childhood dreams as a reminder that every child has a wish.

  • $1 from every candle will benefit the Make-A-Wish FoundationAdditional
  • $1 will be donated if we record our dream and post it on social with #MyChildhoodDream

P.S. My friend Betty also purchased a candle and found this gorgeous emerald ring in it. We had some trouble opening it! LOL See her reveal video below.


Enjoy the little things

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  1. I LOVE candles!!!! This looks like it smells amazing! By the way – I adore your blog design – xoxo

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