10th Annual Chillounge Night in St. Pete

Hello Blonde Lovers!

This past weekend I attended the 10th Annual Chillounge Night event in downtown St. Pete. This is my second time going to the event and I absolutely love it! I went with a small group of friends this time and it was very chill and relaxing. I was amazed how they managed to transform the park into a beautiful lounge area with a stage, bars, lounge chairs and beds.

Chillounge Night has a different program with performers every time. This year my favorite was the National Anthem by Andrea Filomeno and the Brazilian Phoebe Samba team who did quite a show at the end!

Go to the Chilllounge Night website for information about upcoming events in your area!


Enjoy life

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  1. How amazing they transformed the park into a fabulous lounge! The event must have been great and fun, especially with amazing performers like the Brazilian Phoebe Samba team. You look stunning!

  2. Fantastic event. I love all those spectacular costumes. It must have been a really fun night. I hope they set up a Chillounge night near my area, sometime when the weather is not this cold.

  3. What a lovely event! It’s chilly here in Iowa today and I’m coveting the fact that it was outside. I’m so impressed with the talent of the perfomers and how amazing their costumes were. I especially loved the ladies in red. x

  4. Looks like a really fun event, to set up a lounge with entertainment outdoors! Wow. I checked their website found out that their events are set up mostly in Florida. I wish I could just live in FL!

  5. These kind of event are always fun to attend. Sad thing for me is I have to spend so much money just to attend. But images shown here are true representation.

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