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We’re so excited to FINALLY post about such an amazing fashion show from this past weekend! The show was unfortunately postponed for several weeks due to the hurricane, but we’re so happy it got re-scheduled. “BARTSCHLAND” was the theme of this years CITY event at the Tampa Museum of Art… and it did not disappoint.

For those of you not familiar with Susanne Bartsch, she is a funky charismatic New York Social lite who dresses to the 9’s in her own unique way. She helped boost the careers of several designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, by wearing their pieces to her parties and events she would throw weekly or monthly. Some of her favorite pieces are on display at the Tampa Museum of Art until November and we definitely suggest you check it out!


Showcasing some of our favorite pieces, the above is inspired to look like Susanne holding a list of guest names at the entrance of the exhibit. But this time, the list had names of museum staff and event coordinators (how cute?!)


This is John Galliano’s first gown…. WOW!!


Some other fabulous pieces we really loved! Fact: The museum had to find special mannequins to fit Susanne’s tiny figure. The purple costume in the back is the one she wore to the “Love Ball”, one of her most important parties that she created to raise awareness and funds for AIDS.


We still cannot believe this piece…. this is a REAL shark’s jaw! So amazing…. and also very heavy.

This dramatic center piece is her wedding dress… it’s so unique and different just like Susanne!

The City event this past weekend started with a fashion show featuring a few New York based designers inspired by Susanne Bartsch’s style. It was definitely the coolest show we’ve attended!

The runway was definitely not your standard runway… the models were walking everywhere and some were dancing to the beat. But, it just goes  to show you how unconventional it was, and that’s what makes Susanne unique. She inspired and helped mentor 8 designers to showcase their interpretation of her. The designers included: BabyLove’s Latex by Renee Massoomian, Casey, Caldwell, Ben Copperwheat, Veritee Hill, LACTIC, Incorporated, Muffinhead, SSIK by Kristina KISS, and Hana Quist


The decor was cuper cute and was inspired by Susanne’s style. She is famous for her big and crazy lashes.

At the end of the night we met up with Susanne’s favorite DJ Amber and she was so cute! Don’t you love her dress?!

We also met Susanne at the end of the show and she was just amazing!


“The energy was so great and if it wasnt for the people I wouldn’t even be here. Im so grateful and so happy to be here”

Susanne Bartsch


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  1. These are some definitely artistic outfits that they are wearing. That is all part of the fun and event. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Fashion is always fun, esp runway ; ) Susanne really takes it to the next level and plays with the fabric which is interesting and entertaining… love it!

  3. Did you just travel to an alternate dimension or planet of space punk life or what! These costumes look really cool and ethereal! I think it makes sense that Susanne was a New York socialite and my favourite set is the purple gown she wore to the Love Ball- not that I could pull it off haha!

  4. I really love how unconventional Susanne is and how she works with unexpected materials like a shark jaw to create pieces that are avante garde. I like the gold bodysuit in the exhibition that was a cool showstopper.

  5. WOw what a great event! I don’t really understand fashion, some of those looks I can’t see myself ever aspiring to wear, and yet they look great on others! Love DJ Ambers dress!

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