Cocktails and Couture

Hello Blonde Lovers!

This weekend we were invited to a fun local event combining mixology, art, and fashion – Cocktails and Couture. Raly and Kayla were both busy, so I went with my boyfriend and ended up running into some friends there. I enjoyed getting ready and going out after being sick for so long. Cocktails and Couture was not a typical fashion event, it was a great start to 2018! I can’t wait to share all the crazy details with you. 

As soon as we entered the venue we saw a group of men dressed in camo jackets standing like soldiers. While we were trying to get through them, they would move, blocking our way. I thought that was really fun!  As soon as we passed them, we saw a model in a gorgeous outfit standing behind them. 

The venue was amazing and really well decorated. It was divided into three rooms and had four bars. Each bar was serving a signature cocktail – all very unique. We tried three of them and our favorite was the Squid Ink Martini. Yes, you read it right! How cool does this sound? It tasted like a dirty martini but it was infused with squid ink. We’ve had squid ink pasta before but we had never heard of a squid ink martini! Another fun cocktail was Prosecco Dior which had a pearl dust inside.  

This year’s Cocktails and Couture fashion show theme was Apocalypse. It was definitely a bit crazy for my taste, but it was so fun! It was more of an art show than a runway. The audience was cheering and having so much fun. All outfits were costume-like and all had a different theme. My favorite was a collection inspired by Mad Max. I managed to take a picture of one of the models at the end – their hair and makeup were amazing! 

Cocktails and couture is an annual event. I’ve heard of it before and I am really happy I finally got to attend. I will definitely be back next year! Hope you enjoyed my post and got at least a little inspired by it!


Have an adventurous 2018!

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