Flash Back Friday- Fashion Week 2015

Hello Blonde Lovers!

With fashion week happening this weekend, I wanted to do a #flashbackfriday with last years fashion week since I was there! Eeeeek! I honestly never thought I would ever get to experience this! It first started out with a 6 hour delayed flight…AWESOME! But that’s when starbs and fashion magazines come into play.


I arrived at the Marriott in Time Square around 4am… And woke up around 9am to this incredible view to my right…


And this to my left. The gorgeous view of the Hudson River.


If you aren’t invited to a show, you’re basically standing outside waiting for celebrities to come in and out. It’s literally like standing outside of a Justin Bieber concert, but with not as much screaming and TONS of paparazzi. I don’t know how they do it, I wasn’t trying to get trampled so I took the best pics I possibly could from the closest distant place. That makes sense right?

I saw a lot of celebs like Victoria Justice, ladies from Real housewives & Married by Medicine. I basically died because I love me some real housewives!

Some more blogger babes


And lastly I got to go to one of the couture shows! It was super awesome and I definitely recommend going to one if you’re ever in New York during fashion week.


Stay stylish,






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