Florida Layering 101

Hello, Blonde Lovers!

The fall season in Florida can be tricky. It’s like Katy Perry sings “Cause you’re hot then you’re cold.” One day you are sweating your butt off, next day a blast of cold wind goes right through you knocking your socks off (or making you wish you were wearing socks). Therefore, you should always be prepared.  And the key to that is LAYERING. This way when those sun rays are melting you, you can peel a layer off or vice versa.  That’s what I did last Sunday when we went to Island Way Grill for brunch.  The restaurant is located right on the waterway and despite the gorgeous view, it can get a littttle chilly.



Here are some tips on how to layer Florida style:

  1. Pick a basic piece, like a t-shirt or a cami.
  2. Decide if you are pairing it with pants, shorts, a dress or a skirt.
  3. Mix up different textures and materials.
  4. Add your warmth factor: a jacket, a coat, or a chunky cardigan, like the one Gabi, wore in her Sweater Weather post.

In my case, I picked a basic white cropped tee from Forever 21.  Paired it with a Honey Punch slip satin dress I bought from a local boutique called Shandy Style. To top off the layers, I wore a faux leather floral embroidered jacket from Zaful.  That ended up being my favorite fall piece so far.  I’ve been complimented on how cool it looks every time I wore it.


Keep on layering!



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