Minimum Effort Maximum Style Packing

Hello Blonde Lovers!

With the summer season officially starting, I thought it would be fun to share some light vacay packing ideas with you.  As an over-packer myself, I decided to try a new strategy.  Minimum effort maximum style.  First thing first, create a list!  Stick to your list to avoid overstuffing your suitcase.  Second, pick versatile clothing and accessories.  Plan to pack items from your closet that you can coordinate with each other.  I use this great app Stylebook, which allows you to upload pictures of your clothes and create looks.  Third, roll your clothing to prevent wrinkling and save space.  Finally, don’t stress it, you are on vacation 🙂

On my upcoming Bahamas trip there is one item of clothing I’m defiantly taking with me.  A mesh bomber jacket!  I love this jacket because it is the perfect summer statement piece.  The colors are loud and bold and it comes in handy for those chilly summer nights.  You can pair it with almost everything and create an effortless look.




Comfort is everything.  So, for a casual stroll around the city and, I put on my Nike sneakers, a basic H&M skirt, and a B.tempt’d lace bralette (instead of a crop top).



For a perfect pop of color, I styled the jacket with a casual black dress and flats.  You can dress it up by wearing your favorite heels.



For this look, I matched different hues of blue, a basic seamless tank top, shorts and Tommy Hilfiger stripe flat sneakers.  My eyeliner is on point, if I may say so myself 🙂

Mesh Bomber Jacket is from JollyChic,  use discount code ‘lovechic1’ to enjoy 20% off –


Blonde voyage, 



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