Rouge Louboutin

Hello Blonde Lovers!

Christian Louboutin is well known in the shoe industry with his signature red soles. Now he is becoming a hit in the beauty industry. His lipstick collection that came out in September will blow your mind away!

The collection is inspired by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Louboutin wanted to create a jewelry piece incorporating his signature red color. The delicate detailing on the cap imitates a royal crown. It comes with a ribbon that allows you to wear it as a necklace. The packaging resembles a jewelry box lined with rich red velvet, which adds to the luxurious look. It makes the perfect gift!


jelewry box2

The lipstick comes in three finishes – Sheer Voile, Silky Satin, and Velvet Matte, and there are plenty of shades to choose from. I am wearing Rouge Louboutin shade in Sheer Voile finish. The color represents the classic red  used in the soles of his shoes.


The perfect addition to the lipstick is Rouge Louboutin nail polish. Louboutin’s nail polish collection was his first step in the beauty industry. A red nail polish is what inspired him to create the lacquered red soles. The bottle looks very elegant as it mimics the highest stiletto heel Louboutin has ever designed. The brush feels very exquisite in your hand.  The color is rich and smooth and applies evenly.

nail polish2


I can’t wait to see what else he will come up with!



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