Sweater Weather- Gamiss Collaboration

Hello Blonde Lovers!

It’s still sweater weather here in the sunshine state and we can’t complain! It’s cold enough to have to wear a sweater but not enough to wear a jacket which I love because I personally do not own many jackets (especially warm ones). I’ve really wanted one of these twisted back sweaters and Gamiss had several to choose from. I really like that I broke out of my comfort zone and went with a red sweater… I ended up loving the color.


Gamiss offers a variety of womens sweaters at an affordable price- fall sweaters, chunky sweaters, off the shoulder, and cable knit.. you name it they have it. Not to mention all of the other cute clothing they have… it’s inexpensive and always trendy so it’s a go to for me when I need to be on a budget.

Another cool product i’m excited to share with you guys is a hair mask by Truvera! First of all… it smells AWESOME! Another thing I thought was cool is that they separate the mask from “the good stuff”… the good stuff that is separated is the amino acid collagen, root extract, and other vital proteins meant to protect your hair.

Truvera keeps these 2 products packaged separately so you can see how much of “the good stuff” you’re getting every time you mix to make your mask, and also it’s not sitting in the mask pre mixed. When these products are mixed and sitting for a while, the molecules start to break apart making them less effective. If you have questions about this product let us know in the comments below!

We love sharing beauty and hair products with you guys and we will definitely keep you updated on more products that we try!


Stay fun,



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