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Hello Blonde Lovers!

If I say I’m living in this cardigan I won’t t be lying. It was so funny because it arrived in the mail on the first day the temperatures dropped and I’ve been wearing it so much since. I love how warm and cozy it is. I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet, it is only $34 at Zaful.

With the seasons changing, I am also trying to change my lifestyle. I signed up for a personal training and started eating a lot healthier. I workout with my trainer 3 days a week and try to do something on my own at least one extra day. I am also trying to cook all my food and not go out and drink. This probably sounds normal to some of you but it is all new to me! lol I am definitely feeling better but it is starting to stress me out! To try and relax and distract myself I went out for a long walk and visited some of the local boutiques this past weekend. How do you manage to workout and eat healthy and what do you do to deal with stress? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to get some tips!

I layered my cardigan over jeans, my velvet booties and this super cute bodysuit that I got online at Anati Fashion I loved the mixture of textures and the contrast between the chunky knit and the open back of the bodysuit. This bodysuit is very versatile. I am definitely planning on wearing it with shorts or a maxi skirt in the summer! Kayla and I loved it so much that we both got the same one, so look out for another post to see how she styled it!


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  1. I love the cardigan! I wish I wasn’t so short so I could wear long things and not look even smaller 🙁 I definitely need to start working out again too. I stopped over the summer because of some stuff that happened and haven’t managed to get myself going again.

  2. I am trying to do the same. When I cook, I make meals that will last a couple days so I don’t have to cook everyday. When I feel stressed or down, I listen to soothing music or find something to make me laugh.

    Also, I love the cardigan and bodysuit! Super cute!!

  3. I absolutely love your cardigan!

    I love how motivated you are in this post! I’m sure you’ll notic a big difference by switching to cooking more. I love to cook (I’m not very good lol but I still enjoy trying) and everything is much more delicious when it’s homemade, especially this time of year!

  4. I too had a phase when I was also trying to cook all my food and not go out and drink. It was good when it lasted. Shed a lot too! But pretty difficult to keep up for a long term. Honest confession!

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